Class Description

AGES 2.5 – 3
Level 1 – 45 minute combination class – ballet, tumbling, and rhythm games.

Dance Attire: Girls – leotards, tights and pink ballet shoes

Boys – shorts/sweatpants, t-shirt and black ballet shoes

AGES 4 – 6
Level 2 – 60 minute combination class – Ballet, tap, and tumbling. 

Dance Attire: Girls – leotards, tights, pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes

Boys – shorts/sweatpants, t-shirt,  black ballet shoes and black tap shoes

AGES 5 and Up
Classes offered in:

Introduces ballet vocabulary and technique in a structured yet fun setting. Simple coordination, musicality, rhythm, and concentration will be emphasized. Students are encouraged to explore space and enjoy dancing. Ballet classes will cover the fundamentals of classical ballet technique. The importance of strength, flexibility and memorization will be stressed. Basics of performing will also be worked on. Each class will include barre exercises, center floor work and across-the-floor combinations. The ballet curriculum is based on the French Checcetti method.

This class serves as a proper foundation for tap technique. Dancers will be taught simple rhythms, tap terminology, dancing to the beat of the music, and staying together as a group. Exercises focus on building flexibility of the knee and ankles, coordination, and speed of movement. Class will also emphasize developing proper technique, producing clear tap sounds, and having fun.

Jazz dance is a fun and energetic style. The class includes a warm up with stretching, isolations, strengthening exercises, and then moves across the floor to work on turns, leaps, jumps and runs. Different jazz combinations will be put together to work on putting technique together with timing.

Class combines basic techniques from ballet and jazz. It emphasizes interpretation of music lyrics while telling a story with movement that can be fluid or abstract. Students will learn how to express emotion through their movement.

Hip Hop:
Classes are upbeat and high energy classes which infuse the latest styles of hip hop (including some break dancing skills). Stretching, isolations, rhythms, musicality, upper body strength and funky footwork will all be incorporated. Students will learn to memorize choreography by working on combinations during class. Hip hop class will encourage students to step outside the box by bringing their own personal style and individuality to the movements.

Pom Pon:
Style of dance that requires strength and speed with an emphasis on precision movements and a sharp, quick overall impression. Most closely resembles but is NOT cheerleading.

Class is similar to floor skills of gymnastics. It’s a high energy performing art that focuses on strength, stretch, balance and stunting. Basic tumbling includes: back bends, cartwheels, rolls, hand and headstands, just to name a few.

By audition only.

AGES 7 and Up
Classes offered in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, pom pon, acrobatics and lyrical

AGES 12 and Up
Pointe (by audition)

Dancers may audition for our competitive dance team. Information is available by request. Dance team will get a list of things to purchase on your own.

Classes offered in ballet, tap and jazz
6 week classes offered when open rooms are available.

45 minute class full of creative movement for parents and dancers

If you miss a class throughout the dance year, you may make the class time up.  A class schedule will be posted on the info. board.  Missed classes need to be made up within one month.  The deadline to make up classes is May 1st.