Owner Artistic Director

Amy Gillett is the Founder and Artistic Director of Expressions Dance Centre. Amy began dancing at the age of four, thus she has been studying dance for practically her entire life.   She began as an assistant teacher at the age of twelve and loved it so much that she started taking on her own classes at fifteen. Amy then began attending Dance Masters of America’s Teacher’s Training school and became a certified dance instructor.She has also studied with master teachers and choreographers from all across America. Her dance training includes classes in Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Contemporary/Lyrical, and Acrobatics. She has now been teaching people of all ages and abilities for twenty three years and is still going strong. Amy has shared her knowledge of and love for dance in many different dance studios, public schools, gymnastics gyms and dance workshops. Amy has also been invited to, and judged for national dance competitions.



Assistant Artistic Director

Bethany Brown-Heikkila is the Assistant Artistic Director of Expressions Dance Centre.  With extensive training in Jazz, her studies have also included Lyrical, Ballet, Children’s Creative Movement, Tumbling and Pom Pom.  She has studied with master teachers and choreographers from all across America.  She has been a teacher, choreographer and performer of everything she has studied and instructs.  Bethany has been dancing for over 20 years and was on a competitive team for 15 of those years.  She began her dance instructing career as an assistant in her early teens and started attending Dance Masters of America Teachers Training School while still in high school.  Bethany has been with Expression Dance Centre since the opening and has instructed and choreographed many award winning competitive dances.  Bethany hopes to benefit children young in age and in spirit through her inspired creativity, talents and passionate teaching style that imparts her own love of dance into each class and each student.






Sadie wanted to start dancing when she was 5 because she wanted a pretty costume. Now, 18 years later, she has worn hundreds of pretty costumes but the joy of dance has become the lasting presence in her life. After growing up in the studio (this studio, with Miss Amy and Miss Bethany as surrogate parents for the 14 hours a week she spent there) and graduation from Thornapple Kellogg High School, she went on to Michigan State University where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre. She credits her early exposure to the stage and all it’s shiny, sparkly, rhinestoned wonder to her choices to pursue theatre, music, and dancing as a way of life. She has experience in Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Tap, Ballet, and Pointe with additional professional experience in Musical Theatre style dance alongside her many acting credits. Those who have an enthusiasm for enthusiasm are most welcome in Miss Sadie’s classes.