Dance Trilogy Team

Dance Trilogy

Hastings Branch Competitive Dance Team


(Expressions Dance Centre)

“Dance is Body Art in Motion”

 The trilogy team is a group of hard working dancers from the areas of Hastings, Mi., Coldwater, Mi. and Angola, In. Our team is dedicated to their dance training and the competitive aspect of dance.


Mini Dancers (ages 5-8) age approximent

Classes will be held the first 2 days. The last day is audition day.

Mini dancers – June 24-26, 2013


Cost $25.00 Time 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Jr. & Sr. Dancers

Classes in all subjects will be held the first 3 days. The last day is audition day.

Jr. & Sr. dancers – June 24-27, 2013


Cost $40.00 Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Monthly Class Payments

Your class prices are at the same pay rate you pay from year to year. Your class pay rate will not change unless you stop dancing and then decide to return.

 Current prices for Hastings

Class prices are $40.00 for the 1st weekly class and $18.00 for each additional class.

There is an option to take “Unlimited classes”.  The price is $112.00 per month.  This is paying for 5 classes.  There are 7 possible classes.  If you take over 5 classes, the remaining are free!

Solo classes are $40.00 per month & duet/trios are $25.00 per dancer per month.  This is in addition to your monthly class payment.

The minimum class payment is $58.00 for Jr. and Sr. dancers.

Mini dancers (ages 4-8) only have to take one class unless you choose to take more. The monthly class payment is at least one class.


All practices are mandatory!! Please do NOT schedule appointments during your dance time. Dancers must attend at least 90% of required classes. If you miss a class, you must make the class up.  Failure to meet the attendance requirement will result in immediate dismissal. Also, anyone missing the last week prior to a competition may have to sit that competition out. All monies are non-refundable.

Payment schedule

You will receive an estimate cost of your costume, entry fee and yearly class payments in late August. Your estimated costume and entry fees total will be divided into 4 or 5 payments. The number of payments made will be up to you. All costume and entry fees must be paid BY Christmas break in December.

Shoes and costumes

In the fall, you will receive a list of the proper dance shoes needed for each class as well as a list of make-up and other necessities you will need. Costumes average $70.00 – $80.00 per costume. This includes: costume, accessories, tights, and make-up. All team members are required to have a warm-up. The cost is about $100.00 and it will be included in your costume bill.

Competitions & Entry Fees

The team travels to Kalamazoo, Lansing or Grand Rapids, for regional competitions. Entry fees are paid per dance/per competition. On average the team will go to 3 regional competitions. Entry fee price range:

Solo: $100.00

Duet/Trio: $45.00 – $65.00 per dancer

Group: $45.00 – $55.00 per dancer

These prices are approximate & include a percentage to help pay the instructors for their time. The entry fees and costume bill will be totaled together and a monthly payment must be made.

 Required Classes:

Ballet is required starting in 3rd grade.

Mini team members (ages 4-8):

Must take a jazz class. This is the type of dance they start competing in. Anything above one class is optional.

All Jr. & Sr. team members must take a ballet class in addition to their competitive classes.

All members are encouraged to take a technique/production class in addition to the classes they compete in.