General Rules & Information

Dance Trilogy – Hastings Team Contract

1. All bills must be paid in full from the previous year before student is allowed back into class. All monthly bills need to be paid for monthly. Any back monthly bill will result in your child not dancing. I cannot work for free anymore and my bills also have due date on them. If arrangements are set, they must be met.

2. All practices are mandatory.

3. We understand that circumstances arise that make it unavoidable to miss: therefore, you are excused to miss five classes (total not per class) for any reason, i.e. bad weather, illness, funeral, family vacations, sport event, cheerleading. It is your decision how and when they are used or unused. On absence #6 you are off team. Absences count in ballet class also. You are allowed to do make-up classes to help you out with your absence. If you are not feeling well enough to participate in class but do come to watch, it will not be considered as an absence.

4. All regional competitions are mandatory. This involves traveling to Lansing, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Detroit and Indiana. An adult must be present with your child (excluding teachers) at this time. If staying overnight is necessary, it is the responsibility of the parents to arrange accommodations.

5. The practice before each competition is mandatory. Failure to attend will result in that person not being able to participate in the next competition. Do not expect the teachers to reschedule the class to be convenient for you. If you miss the class then you will NOT compete in the next competition. There will be no refund for entry fees. This is the competition keeping your money not Amy.

6. You and your dancer are to arrive to each competition during our season 2 hours in advance. I don’t care if you are all ready or not. This rule will be enforced. Arriving early to the competition site early will benefit you and your child. You can find the site in time to competition, sit and relax, get ready and enjoy yourselves. Do not expect other parents to get your child ready. Do it yourself. It is your responsibility to know how to do their hair, make-up, and costumes.

7. All team meetings are mandatory. I only ask for one morning of your time a year and I think that is not too much to ask. I will try to let you know way in advance so that if you work that day you can ask for it off. If you cannot make the meeting, send the other spouse. I cannot and will not answer questions that were answered at the meeting. Be sure to be knowledgeable of what is going on before you call and asked questions that you may be able to answer yourself.

8. Back talking and bad attitudes will not be tolerated. If anything gets back to any of the teachers a meeting will be called between the child, parent, and teachers. At that meeting it will be decided whether the child will remain on the team or not. Teachers will make that decision only.

9. There is always too much talking in class. This problem will be taken care of this year by just not having a problem. Come to class, close your mouth and dance. It is really hard to have extra noise and trying to talk over it is unnecessary. Usually the class that we have the most problems in is technique. Please be kind and be quiet.

10. Bad attitudes at competitions are senseless. If you’re doing poorly, or don’t agree with what’s going on at the time, grin and bear it. There is a time and place for everything. There is no “I” in team. Most everything that can, and sometimes will, go wrong at competitions can be dealt with, talked about and fixed when we return to the studio.

11. If anyone has a comment, question, or concern about anything that is going on, bring it to a teacher’s attention immediately. We are extremely easy to talk to as long as any problem hasn’t been heard from 50 other people first. If problems are brought up right away we can usually resolve them quickly and easily so that everyone can walk away satisfied.

12. If your child is asked to do something, don’t tell them they don’t have to do it. Do you tell your child they don’t have to do their homework? We are teachers and deserve respect as any other teacher. We would never intentionally put your child in harms way.

13. There are entry fees for all team members for each competition. The amount will vary for reach child depending on the number of dances your child will perform. The fee can be drastically reduced with participation in fundraisers that we do throughout the year. We encourage this to also help with costume costs. It is completely up to you if you wish to participate in fundraising. THIS YEAR IF YOUR COMPETITION FEES ARE NOT PAID TWO MONTHS IN ADVANCE FROM THE COMPETITION DATE YOUR CHILD WILL NOT BE DANCING. ALL COMPETITION FEES ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARENTS. YOU WILL PAY FOR COMPEITIONS EVEN IF YOUR DANCERS IS NOT DANCING. I am required to send in payments in full to the competitions two months in advanced. If your child finds out that they are not dancing after that then that is your responsibility still for payment. That is the competitions rule not mine. I do not get to keep that money. You the parents have to understand that the studio still gets charged for the competition. When you say yes to something then you have to pay for it. To find your fundraising balance, please contact Marcia Wolf. A list of names and numbers will be given to each family. Remember, the entry fees are the responsibility of you and your dancer. Competition fees get paid to the studio.

14. Fighting among the team members will not be tolerated. As a member of the Dance Trilogy dance team you are expected to set good examples for other students at your own studio as well as others at competitions.

15. A ballet class and/or a technique class is required for all dance team members.

16. Proper dance attire is required: leotard and tights for girls. Dance pants and t-shirts for boys. A list of shoes that you will need will come out in a few months after we have picked out costumes. Proper attire does not stop at the neck. You must have your hair up and off your neck for your entire dance day BEFORE you come to class. A bun is preferred. If your hairstyle hangs down past your neck you will be asked to pull it up further. Please come to the studio with everything you will need to dance.

17. According to our competition brochure that came out last spring, any Jr. or Sr. dancer for EXpressiosn Dance Centre can attend workshosp. I think that it is great for students to get all viewpoints from other teachers and it is good for the students to have to adjust to other styles and techniques.
18. Not all solos and duet/trios will be performing in the recital at the end of the year. Recital is already 2 ½ to 3 hours long.

19. Remember that your cooperation and participation affects the entire team, not just your class. If you are unable to fulfill your commitment to the team, please decide before September 14th. If is important for all team members to work together so they look alike when they dance.

20. Talking about other teams or other team members will not be tolerated. We can all learn something from anyone we come into contact with, even if we don’t necessarily agree with the type of person they are. We will have the same goal, to be our best!!

Please keep this in your file for reference for the 2014/2015 season. Sign the attached agreement paper and return to Amy.


I have read and will comply with Expressions Dance Centre/Dance Trilogy Hastings team contract for the 2014/2015 dance season.

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