Sydney Scholarship Fund

Sydney’s Story

On November 22, 2006 Sydney Alexis Anderson was in an accident that resulted in her death. Sydney was a member of the Dance Trilogy dance team. She had danced at the Hastings studio for a number of years. Sydney was only 10 years old when she was taken from us. A tiny little dancer, but amazing. You could not keep your eyes off of her. She was a promising young dancer with an over abundance of natural talent. More importantly she was one of the greatest kids you could ever meet. Her smile lit up the room and the stage. She was a friend to all. All of the team kids and others that she met, looked forward to the times they got to dance or pal around with her. They always talked kindly about her, even long after the last time they saw her. What people remember most about Syd was her sense of humor and the way her dancing was so much bigger than her tiny body. She could always bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Say a prayer for Sydney’s family if you would. The loss of Syd was such an unexpected tragedy and our main concern is for her family and the dancers around her. We want to keep her memory moving forward. We know that she is dancing with angles, watching Sponge Bob and probably cracking someone up. We miss her so much and our competition weekends will never be the same without her there. We know she is cheering us on from up above in heaven just like she did from down here in the crowd. We try to cheer on the memory of the great little person she was and was going to become. Her family had started a memorial fund in her honor, through the Expressions Dance Centre (Hastings Studio). We hope to help her love for dance to be carried on by using the money to help other dancers in need.

If you would like to contribute to the Sydney Alexis Anderson Scholarship fund and help us carry on her legacy, please participate in our fundraisers we have available. We will be auctioning off gift bags full of goodies and we have a 50/50 raffle. Raffle tickets go on sale starting May 31st, and will  be sold until the night of recital. The winning ticket will be drawn at the end of the show. You must be present to collect your money.

Rarely was she seen without a BIG smile on her face and a killer shimmy she had. WE LOVE AND MISS YOU SPIDERELLA!!!

“Dance is Art in Motion”